Our GPS tracking system is an online and mobile tool for company to let their mobile and static employees to collaborate more effectively in achieving the ultimate customers' delight and productivity improvement. Our system supports the organization to set the accountability and ownership for each and every task.

Applications core objective is to consolidate, standardize and optimize every process by keeping the employees in contact with coworkers, vendors, and customers in a secured system, which helps to boost the productivity effortlessly without any worry. Close sales, solve problems, and respond to urgent requests more effectively by enabling employees to work virtually from anywhere. Improve service and satisfaction by interacting with customers in real time, on location or from a distance.


Mobile Apps (Android & IOS)

Our mobile application takes the attendance, process payroll, track assets & employees and perform many other important functions. The app is user-friendly having presence on both Android and IOS.

24/7 Clocking

On the move! - In today's modern society, work is no longer based in the office. Employroll tracking application empowers your employees to clock IN & OUT in Real Time from their mobile devices, keeping the line of communication open on the move. Clock IN & OUT any time of the day even when there is no GPRS signal

Auto-Sync & Data Submission

While your employees are on the move, their information like location will automatically be synchronized with the application and employees can submit data on the application i.e. visiting cards, official documents etc.

Asset Monitoring

This allows users to view their assets on mobile screens: where they are moving now or were in the past. Users can also monitor all valuable information in real time, and receive instant notifications about important events.

Resource Tracking

Geo-location tracking records the actual geographical position of the employee clocking in for the work or for a sales meeting – this is useful if you have sales & service engineers out for work.

Powerful Analytics & Reporting

Our application has moved beyond excel, powerpoint and static business reporting with powerful interactive dashboards. Our dashboards aren’t just for management, they can be easily capitalized on by all teams across a company. They enable everyone to easily visualize the data, filter on demand and slice and dice the data to dig in deeper.


To set a fixed location (or locations) and an optional clocking radius within which an employee can legitimately clock in. If the employee attempts to clock in outside the specified radius they physically can’t until they’re within the location parameters set.

Employee Self-Service

While on the move, employees can use self-service to view their attendance, leave status payroll, job work etc. Managers and supervisors can also see who’s in and manage timesheets and holiday requests.

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