Our Features

Cloud Based

Cloud based system empowers our customers located in any part of the world to run and manage their daily operations. Any business can snap their fingers and instantly set up enterprise-class services.

Multi Location

A specialized hardware and software is programmed for catering the requirements of Multi-Location Attendance. Auto push technology implemented for real time attendance from multiple locations are monitored at centralized cloud server.

Mark Attendance

View a live list of employees who are present, late or early for work on multiple locations. All data is sent and received in real time giving live data attendance records from multiple location to a centralized system. Send real-time auto-generated messages to employees.

Integrated Solution

Complete hardware and software integration solutions to monitor and manage your employees' time, both in-house & sales (field) force, export salary, maximize attendance and report with ease.

Payroll Complaince

View, edit or export your automatically compiled payroll reports at any time. Payroll includes contribution and deductions instruments as per the state/ country statutory compliance.

GPS Tracking

Know in real-time where your employees/ resources/ assets, are and where they have been. Immediately respond to customer questions regarding meeting schedules and arrival times. Geo-fencing and Geo-analytics also available.

Self  Service

Let employees help themselves to the information they need, update their own details, submit attendance and leave requests online. Empower your employees to get digitalized, to take benefit of technology for their own benefit.

User Friendly

Be it an administrator, reporting officer or employees, application is created focusing on user’s requirement. We understand the core value of innovation i.e. let mankind define the technology for its convenience & evolution.

Fully Secured

Our application confirms compliance, data protection, and access to authorize only policy. Limited or no human intervention protects the business functions from data, stealing, sharing and fudging.

Attendance with Salary Export

Integrated solution includes Bio-metrics Device with state-of-the art application. Our application to track time for all employees in any location. Reduce errors and improve compliance with individualized timesheets that looks the way you want and fits your business. Don’t forget to ask for your “Salary Export”, will be delivered at your doorstep.

Payroll Compliance

Our payroll compliance is incredibly flexible, letting you do what you need to do to run your payroll, no matter what type of employer you are or what your situation is. Contributor and deductions in the payroll can be dynamically placed basis the statutory requirements.

GPS Track Movers

Real-time location of employees/ assets and any GPS enabled resource, is updated actively to your smart phone APP (iPhone / Android phones). Even the smart phone is in standby mode, the APP running in background can still get Cloud GPS Tracker real-time location and alerts.

Services Included

Quick Setup

We do have an edge over others…!!. Our devices, our application, in-house Installation team, and robust management supports us to deliver seamless and quick solution.

Complete Training

3-Tier Training Model - Pre-sales, during installation or post-sales training modules enable us to empower our customers to use the system with complete authority.

Customer & Technical Support

Free Customer & Technical Support available at your fingertip. Customer delight & First Time Resolution (FTR) are core objective of these departments.

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