Biometric Devices with Payroll

Our cloud based payroll application automates the complete payroll process. With help of our application, a tedious payroll process is robust and seamless. It reduces the time spent on processing employee information, salaries, taxes, and other information. However, there are a vast number of additional efficiencies offered by our payroll system that extend far beyond simply the amount of time saved.

Our payroll system has a capacity to be integrated with any biometric device or a GPS-enabled device such as mobiles. These devices helps in tracking employees clocking in and out of work, via a carded or biometric system or GPS tracking, performance reporting systems, and other HR systems that track employees’ development, reports, and remuneration. The efficiency of this integration is realized when information on salaries and/or performance is sought, and needn’t be found manually in a separate or paper-based system

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